PhD in Communication and New Technologies IULM University Milan

research title:
e-Participation and the “theories of games”

October 1998/July 2003
Università degli Studi di Perugia (University of Perugia)

Master’s degree in Institutional Communication.
Final vote : 110/110.

Story of my experimental thesis, on: “e-democracy and local development”:

““my thesis project was about the application of new technologies in the field of government and governance.

During one year of study and research I developed “do ut des” a K.M.S. (Knowledge Management System). One year later I continue to work on this K.M.S and I developed “Sistema Città” (City -System) a K.M.S for e-participation platforms.
Sistema Città began as a real governance project aiming to enforce political participation in the democratic process of the local communities.

The City Hall of Gubbio, Città di Castello and Umbertide, with the support of the University of Perugia and the Chambers of Commerce presented the project at the call for bids “e-democracy” enacted by the Ministry of Innovations and Technologies .

129 projects were presented and just 57 were approved, “Sistema Città” was one of them.

The Ministry decided to co-finance the project with 100.000 Euro, the Chamber of Commerce with other 61.000 Euro, the City Hall of Gubbio, Città di Castello, and Umbertide decided to finance the rest for a total cost of 300.550 Euro.”.

July 2002/August 2002

Diploma in: “Management of Project cycle for cooperation and development” Fundaciòn Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


September 2001 September 2002

By the E.U. – Fellowship for the Socrates/Erasmus exchange programme to “Faculdad de Ciencia de la Informaciòn Universidà Complutense de Madrid”



September 2000/November 2000

Diploma: Oxford School of London, Approved by the British Council


September 2001/November 2001

Diploma: International school of Madrid


August 1996/December 1996

Interchange program for exchange student Kokomo High School Indiana USA

Computer skills:

Diploma in: Web programmer, approved by Regione Umbria and national government.

Specialist in architecture of information, able to programme in UML.

Expert on project management of civic networks and social networking

Video programmes: Mac Final Cut, PC Avid, Mac Live Types. SKILLS RESUME :

Development and presentation of complex projects in the field of community development, governance and capacity building (really good knowledge of social marketing process).

Analysis of democratic process at local and international level.

Analysis and development of e-democracy and e-participation platform.

Direction and production of documentaries and TV Series on social and cultural issues.

Creative solution for any development project
Other experience

December 2002/July 2003

Representative of students to the University Council


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