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Pasos de Cumbia (Cumbia Steps) – Trailer (working in progress) This is the most important chance of my life. I’m working as director and co-producer of this TV series about the popular Afro-Colombian music Cumbia in partnership with CBRA FILM our co-production company from Chile. We have been traveling for more than 5 months around West Africa and South America interviewing musicians and recording them. Our ultimate goal is to trace the origin of Cumbia music and to explain how different countries have developed their own style and culture of Cumbia. The TV series will be composed of 10 episodes of 50 minutes each. There are already two Latin American broadcasters that are our partner one in Chile and one in Colombia.

<p><a href=”″>Trailer Pasos de Cumbia</a> from <a href=””>CBRA Films</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Twende Berlin (Let’s go to Berlin) – Trailer a documentary about urban spaces and our relationship to them as told through the eyes of a troupe of African hip-hop artists’. The social issue which underpins the documentary is the importance of public space and public art in contemporary society, and how and why western metropolises are affected by the emerging phenomenon of “gentrification”. Twende Berlin film documentary is an occasion for both: European and African urban citizens, a way to twist and subvert stereotypes and become both an object of social and cultural investigation to discover ourselves again in the eyes of a group of African hip hop artists and their super hero.

Napoli24 (Naples24) – Trailer A collective film documentary about the city of Naples, produced by: Indigo Film, Teatri Uniti, Ananas Film, Rai-Cinema and Istituto Luce. Selected at the Tourin Film Festival TIFF. Distributed by Istituto Luce in different cinemas of Italy.

Millenium Ecosystem Assessment “The Economics of Well-Being” a trip around the world: Argentina, Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya and Chile. The question is only one: how do we define our relation between human well-being and our ecosystem ? Produced by Cultural Video Foundation in partnership with UNEP.

Maskaniflani video documentary about public space and public art in Kenya. Award: “best documentary director” at the second edition of the International Human Right Film Festival “Cinema e Diritti”  of Naples – Italy

Umoja, Uomini che Odiano le Donne produced for RAI TV Africa

Viaggio a Dadaab produced for AGIRE and CVF

I dimenticati di Dadaab produced for RAI TV Africa

Tigers of Somaliland produced for RAI TV Africa

The last cargo for Somalia produced for RAI TV Africa

Do you see what I see produced for UNHCR, a video about a photo workshop with refugee children by Brendan Bannon

WFP mission in Somalia video journalist for ZDF and ARD German public broadcasters:

Mungiki “The Mafia of Kenya” broadcasted by RAI 3 produced by Cultural Video Foundation and RAI Africa

PloneGov&BUNGENI If you are interested on issues as e-democracy and open source have a look to the video I made for PloneGov and UNDESA project. link to the video

Creative Commons this video is about the beginning of “frontieredigitali” you can watch it on or on Arcoiris TV or from Cinegiornali section of Milano Film Festival

T4D Tourist for Development Edutainment TV Format Tourist for Development (T4D) distributed
also by Lonely Planet TV Australia.

Mobility Tour TV series: In 2004 I developed this TV series called MobilityTour about the EU enlargement. Sponsored by the City Hall and the Province of Perugia and produced by HUB/Integrated Communication). I traveled for 3 month in a Caravan with other 3 youth (Lorenzo Melissari, Francesco Paciello and Piernicola Vista), from Italy to Estonia passing from: Slovenia, Hungry, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia. On the way back to Italy We decided to visit the ex DDR and the city of Berlin. The TV series talks about the east Europe, the falling down of the Berlin wall, the EU enlargement and the transition from the cold war conflict to the West and the Islam crisis. The project was selected to be presented at Bakafe Forum 2006.

Mobility Tour TV series trailer Mobility Tour

24H in East Napoli

Incubi Urbani and Creative Commons: It was in Italy during the Berlusconi government that I decided to make a video against a repressive low on copy rights made by the Ministry of Culture Urbani, this is not a documentary but a short movie, is not a professional work but many people like it and use it to start a debate about this topic. Incubi Urbani download it from NGV (New Global Vision) After this short movie I decided to shot a small documentary about “Creative Commons” it was selected for the Cinegiornali section of the Milano Film Festival and is been broadcast by ARCOIRIS TV.

Creative Commons download it from Cinegiornali section of Milano Film Festival


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